Configure DNS for Office 365 in cPanel

To set up Microsoft Office 365, login to cPanel, then add/update the following DNS records for the domain(s) in question:

# Record Type TXT   3600  TXT   MS=ms000000   3600  TXT   "v=spf1 -all"

# Record Type MX   300   MX    0

# Record Type CNAME
autodiscover             3600  CNAME
sip                      3600  CNAME
lyncdiscover             3600  CNAME
msoid                    3600  CNAME
enterpriseregistration   3600  CNAME
enterpriseenrollment     3600  CNAME

# Record type SRV
_sip._tls                3600  SRV   100 1 443
_sipfederationtls._tcp   3600  SRV   100 1 5061


  • The MS record shown in red is a number supplied by Microsoft as part of the verification rocess.
  • The MX record contains the domain name as a prefix, with periods replaced by hyphens.
  • SPF, Once it has been approved and active with Office 365 you will need to add in your webserver IP to the SPF record. "v=spf1 +a -all"
Then, change the Email Routing setting down the bottom to "Remote Mail Exchanger".
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