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Our mail servers support connections over the following ports.

ProtocolSecurity SettingPort Number(s)
SMTP (sending mail) Encrypted - TLS/STARTTLS 465
SMTP (sending mail) Encrypted - SSL 465
SMTP (sending mail) Unencrypted 25* (or 26)
POP3 (receiving mail) Encrypted - TLS 995
POP3 (receiving mail) Encrypted - SSL 995
POP3 (receiving mail) Unencrypted 110
IMAP (receiving mail) Encrypted - TLS 993
IMAP (receiving mail) Encrypted - SSL 993
IMAP (receiving mail) Unencrypted 143

Many ISPs block unauthenticated email sending on port 25. It is recommended you always enable SMTP Authentication and avoid using port 25 (e.g. by enabling TLS/SSL).

The recommended settings are marked in bold.

To decide between using POP3 or IMAP for receiving mail, see our guide What is the difference between IMAP and POP3 for email?

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